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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 12, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> the endless summer has arrived again. >> the endless summer has arrived again. >> live in hd, abc 7 breaking news. >> michelle reid will resign as the school's chancellor a
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riskier in chile -- chancellor. a rest cure rates to the bottom of a chile mine. we are live at the rescue site. >> good evening. what an incredible moment. the first of the 33 miners is in the rescue thing as we speak. it to be a 50 minute long journey to the surface. this is will mcpherson of its descent. -- when we first saw it descend. cheers went out. the families were crying. the miners were gathering around it, waiting for the rest your to come out and greet them. the first miner is one of the
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healthiest miners going out. he is doing the initial test run. it seems like it is pitch perfect at this time. we will know the moment he breaks the surface. we will seek bright lights. his family has been escorted to the site of the mine. it is an incredible sight. it to be the first of 33 miners to make that risky. we will be waiting for the sirens that could not come soon enough. >> what an amazing gymnastics team. --people are watching this resce mission. we have seen a wide screens there. we will be watching this
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throughout the night. nightline will be what in this broadcast throughout the night. we will stay tuned right here. c>> let's get to our of their big news. michelle is out as the d.c. schools chancellor. >> she will make the announcement tomorrow morning. >> we are expecting to hear early morning on the resignation. this is a difficult decision. >> they statius change the school system for the better burda others say this is worn
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out your welcome. >> i need a lift cards -- i knew they would cause a lot of consternation. >> i knew it would not hurt the school system. >> they brought in the to answer to take action. that is what some believed cost and the reelection. the question became whether rhee and gray could move forward together. rhee says the losses devastating for the schoolchildren. parents who are just hearing about it telesis this time to put politics aside and focus what is best for their children. >> if you are doing a job that people do not like, do you have to do. >> you will have to roughly few
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fathers to get something right. >> the resignation will begin at the end of october. reporting live in northwest, abc 7 news. we are monitoring new developments. a man is responsible for an attack that injured six people. this comes where we are hearing from the bar. >> after being kicked out, and the group of students and none students got into a violent fight here on the street. several of them were stabbed. they believe they have a good description of the suspect and no of rest. in the meantime, this was sent by the police.
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they are demanding the bar of the shutdown. >> police have released the surveillance photos. >> is not something you expect to see. this is a bar that has been in trouble in the past. >> of three wounded students were fraternity brothers that were under age and so drunk they could not describe to police what happened to them. they are using under age police aide predicts they were admitted inside. >> it seems the least 30 students have been transported
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to hospitals for intoxication and alcohol poisoning. >> it is known for an underage bar. >> they are cooperating to find out what happened. we are confident that we will be exonerated. >> all of the young victims have been treated and released from hospitals. the non student said he met these suspects last night. the alcohol board is investigating. they say if there is imminent danger, they could close it without a hearing. >> thank you. president obama tries to reach young voters on the internet. the president answered questions during skye and twitter. he urged the supporters to vote for like-minded candidates.
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>> turning out to our forecast. temperatures are starting to cool down a little bit. that is only a taste of what is to come. >> it feels more like october. it certainly will tomorrow morning. we've had a little weather coming through. there is really nothing going on except some showers to our south. meanwhile, the fed the temperatures. we were in the a.d.'s again today. -- look at the temperatures. we were in the a.d.'s again today. central high school is 64 degrees. in our headlines, by the time we get into it thursday, it may not be an outdoor resource day. i will explain that. >> good deal. we will see you in a bit. >> an alert if you are on facebook or twitter, hackers are
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finding new ways to invade your account. we go looking in the dark corners of social network communities to find the top 5 scams. >> do not click the link or you will not fallen for the biggest trend in scams happening right now. >> it gives you to attack on your friends. it offers a deal. it is a fake hoehling. take the bait, it is no bargain. >> it'll still any login and password that it camp. it will still e-mail addresses that it can sell. it will look for a bank account information. >> we talked about this new report on the wrist this social networking. it finds schemes are still very common. they want your user name and password so they can take your identify scam your friend of the cash. >> the friend is traveling and
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has been robbed in have lost their money. they need you to send money as they can get a plane ride home. >> 60 million people are playing farmville. you may only help a virus take root. this might say it is a video from santa. it'll bring you a grinch of malware. they are loaded with fake video. the hacker asks you to do his work. it asks you to do more than click once to play, be suspicious. >> it is almost always a scam. you should always have of today security software produce common-sense prevene. >> we will take a break now. coming up, the very latest on every breaking story tonight.
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the rescue of the andchilean miners. >> a new report put out a glaring problem for metro. the story you want to see before glaring problem for metro. the story you want to see before you go to bed.
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at capital one banks all over the dc area. what's in your wallet? sawyer in abc headquarters in new york. it's the news we have been hoping for and we briefly interrupt your programming to show you these pictures, the first of the 33 miners has returned to safety after 69 days. a half mile below the earth. he is fulensio avolose, and his son is standing there sobbing. bill weir is at the rescue site. bill? >> what a moment of exuberance, not just for the families there, knut the engineers at nasa who helped design the escape pod, the drilling experts in pennsylvan pennsylvania. but there's still so much that could go wrong. still 32 men down in the mine. it's going to be a long night. >> it's going to bow a long night, but such, such great joy to see the first miner coming up, and in fact, we watched his
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wife taking moving pictures as the capsule emerged. those are some home movies. want everyone to know you have a special hour of nightline coming up. bill will stay tuned for that, and of course, we'll all be back here tomorrow. one rescue done. 32 to go, as bill said. the miners are returning in chile. >> tumor of looking at a live picture coming in from chile. seeing the first miner who has been the first of the 33 who was been pulled. you can see him being taken off and then examined by officials.
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>> it is the first of 33 miners to be rescued. officials expect this to take another 36 hours. all of them are finally brought up. you can hear the clapping and cheering. it is an emotional experience. >> will sell one of the first that we are going to be staying out of the next day and a half. we saw this man's family greeting him when he came out of that hole in the ground. that was an emotional scene. the mission now turns to one where they find out more about the process. they are going to figure out examine this man to see whether or not they can actually expedite the process. >> is this a precarious situation.
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the biggest concern is panic attacks. they are not sedated when they are being brought up. nasa has been providing their liquid diet over the next few days so that they do not get nauseous as they come up. there are a lot of health concerns. >> the arkansas earned about the physical conditions. there are to richard changes coming through. as improbably see here, you can see their breath in the air. you can tell it is a lot cooler at the surface. we solve this rescuer had to give a suit to him before he got to the capsule. he had to get dressed properly in order to make that
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transition. after the 10:00 hour, the first rescue was right about the clock after the hour. >> house emotional for all of them. 69 days ago, 700,000 tons of rock collapse. its yield them underground. it is the longest in the minors have gone and survived. they have broken a record year. it is an emotional night ahead. >> it'll be a while before we see the next set of pictures. there'll be live coverage. >> what a night. we are learning the details on a report that appears to be another black eye for metro. >> it concerns the escalators.
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the report highlights serious laws. >> it was a summer's of ups and downs for metro riders. now in fall, the problems remain. >> i have problems with it every day. >> i do not understand why they are under repair. that is a mystery to me. >> the report found some serious flaws in the way they maintain territory equipment. they use caps and trains from mechanics. >> that is step one. we will see if it produces results. >> the general manager has previously estimated that they need to do a better job of maintaining their equipment.
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big knowledge they have graduated 11 new mechanics. they are about to replace the escalator next month. >> they are trying to do their job. >> they agree they need to do more. >> they will be presented to the board of directors. >> on thursday, it will be rebounds. >> a fair amount. outside the no problems for this evening. we have a little bit for the fall. our temperature now has fallen after being once again into the 80's. a big day today. our average high today is only 69 degrees. the next time we have an average high is 70 is not into the middle part of april.
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nothing is around as. very few showers down to our south. that is about it. that is a ll there are. the high we have is 83 degrees. it ties the record. right now and looks like 61 degrees. around baltimore, and temperatures around the 60's. . as we go to the nighttime hours, and that'll be the story. the cool air is coming in at the same time. that is an area of low pressure that of the coming our way. tomorrow, and high pressure. a nice day. a lot is sunshine we will be seen. by tomorrow afternoon, some of the rain will be coming in as we get on into thursday. after that, it is quite a storm to our north.
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it will be quite windy. when you get up and head out, it'll be another beautiful morning. things will be cool. temperatures her only about 50 degrees. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. it will feel like october. temperatures tomorrow are 65 degrees to 75 degrees. the high again is 69 degrees. there is a way that it comes in. we will be seeing brain can minear by thursday morning. -- rain come in here by thursday morning. we will see chilly conditions as we head into the weekend. temperatures of the in the 60's. rain on thursday and after that sunshine. rain on thursday and after that sunshine. >>
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>> the toyota support desk. it is moving you forward. >> the wizard's play their preseason home owner tonight. he sat out because he tweaked his knee.
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this really was a fun team to watch tonight. he has a steel. he takes it right on in. john wall is the leader of this team. every time he plays he sees something new. he was having fun. the fans loved him. it is a young and that led a team. -- and athletic team. the redskins had the day off. they will be back to march to start preparations for the indianapolis colts. mike has only praise. even when he was getting banged around, he can everyone in the game and roasted the challenge when it was on the line. >> you have to find a way to win. what more can you say? the quarterback scored 13 points. he finds a way to get the job
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done. that is what you want to get the quarterback to do. >> here it is. he said he is locked out suggestions that his career could be over. he said he does not believe then that. he continues to get treatment on his groin. he fully expects to be back by the end of the season. look at this. the rules state that you have to have the thing to the ground and possession. he put it on the ground. the rules committee said it is reviewing the rules. it could very well be changed but thd. run is on first and second. they have the grounder. they tried to get it. he never stopped running from second. he is safe. a small ball.
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the rangers eliminate the rays to a 5-1 final. the capitals are off to a solid start with a 2-1. there you have it. >> good deal. >> we wi
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>> your of looking at live pictures server outside the san jose mine in chile. present is speaking after the first of 33 miners trapped underground as been rescued. he was rescued about 20 minutes ago. >> this was the scene when it
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